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Two Thousand Eight [2008]— The year of “A New Beginning”. Living Witness Ministries Church of God in Christ has embarked upon the New Year, along with all the other Saints of God—with hearts full of joy! Having celebrated a glorious past 100 years of the Church of God in Christ, we now have good reasons to look with great anticipation to “Embracing A Promising Future” thought out 2008 and beyond!

I fully believe that this year marks a new beginning for all of God’s people. Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, with the blessings of our Lord, Living Witness Ministries
is embarking upon a major capital rebuilding and expansions project. We have expanded our ministry’s mission to include housing development to providedecent and affordable housing for those families of the Diaspora who have a desire to return home to New Orleans. There is a poem that goes—“Though castles and palaces I may roam, be it ever so humble, there is no place like HOME.” ….home, and a new beginning.

A new beginning may also be seen as this Jurisdiction—Louisiana East Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction enters it Annual Workers’ Meeting, February 11th thru 16th, our Presiding Bishop, Bishop Charles E. Blake, will be ministering on Thursday, the 14th. He will appoint a new leader for the Jurisdiction; an action brought on by the sudden and untimely demise of our former Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop George H. Albert Jr., in the summer of 2007.

Louisiana East 2nd Jurisdiction is truly on the road to “A New Beginning”—as we “Embrace A Promising Future”. Lets continue to live holy and pray for one another. May the blessing of God be with you throughout the New Year and the years to come!

In His grace, I remain.

Faithfully yours,

Supt. J. E. Pierre, Pastor