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Our new web site is finally here, and we hope it will help you to fully explore the many offerings of the Greater Living Witness Sanctuary Church of God in Christ. We welcome you to learn more about about what we do here at the Living Witness Church - come to visit our church, participate in the many church events, or take part in our community outreach efforts, and help make a difference in the lives of those surrounding you. God bless, and we hope to see you soon! Supt. J. E. Pierre, Pastor


The mission of this organization is to empower the male figure, place him back into the home with the idea of stabilizing and strengthening the family unit.  A special focus is placed on the children of the male figure we serve, as well as the children of the surrounding community, in an effort to address their many special needs.  These needs of the children, the father, and the family are addressed through a number of social initiatives with four primary objectives in mind:  Firstly, to use education as a means to move them toward becoming self-sufficient and independent; secondly, to revitalize the community in which they live; thirdly, to build stability and capacity of the father, the children, and the family, empowering them to ultimately create their own opportunities within their community; and finally, to engage in planning, and policy and goal evaluation of  our existing initiatives in order to maximize their effectiveness.

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